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Printed bags - watercolour painted plants for flora lovers

Botaniki bags - apart from their practical function - serve to express your admiration for nature. They are beautiful and comfortable, showcasing your plant hobby - and they are with you on a daily basis. The portraits of plants hand-painted in watercolour each season in bloom invariably evoke the most beautiful memories.

Durable fabric
Original design
Made in Poland
Recommended as a gift

Cotton and felt bags with botanical print are not only practical tools for carrying things, but also an expression of our personality and lifestyle. Women's handbags, shopping nets, travel bags and backpacks are more than just functional accessories, they are symbols of our imagination, passion and beliefs.

These bags perfectly reflect our moods, add style to our image and are a unique decoration in our everyday life. Thanks to the use of high-quality cotton and felt, as well as original floral patterns, botaniki bags are durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Floral printed bags are the perfect gift for any person who appreciates unique additions to their look.